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We appreciate the water-saving achievements selection held by the Water Resources Agency, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the judges¡¦ confirmation of the colleagues in Chiahui Power which is an encouragement of all personnel¡¦s water-saving efforts. Douglas Tong Hsu, Chairman of Far Eastern Group, is quite concerned about global warming issue due to the greenhouse gas emission; therefore, he has been promoting energy-saving emission-reduction activities in colleagues¡¦ daily life in workplaces inside his Group; moreover, with General Manager Chun-Lai Chen¡¦s leadership, Chiahui Power dedicate all efforts to water-saving and energy-saving tasks. Through water-saving selection, Chiahui enhances the mission of all personnel and their family members concerning water-saving tasks and promotion. The world is confronted with the excessive consumption of resources leading to environmental deterioration. Accordingly, Chiahui will uphold the spirit of constant improvement and achieve total water conservation as the objective of creating sustainable development for company and environment. The future vision is to strive for Water-Saving and Energy-Saving goal for Win-Win of Environmental Protection and Industry.  
Projects implemented
Water consumption
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Water saved
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Water saved
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Cooling tower supply
Optimal concentration multiple of cooling tower


Reclaim and reuse of cooling tower drain (NF/RO)
Boiler drain reclaim system
Source of water treatment system Lengthen water production cycle of water treatment system
Irrigation system
Reduce irrigation water
Cooling tower drain reused as irrigation
Detention pool
Rainwater reclaim in administrative building base
Set 2-section toilets and water-saving faucets

1. Definite water-saving policy along with water-saving organization and full personnel participation.
2. Developing RO reclaim cooling drain as an innovative technology is praiseworthy.
3. Good effects of cooperation with promoting ideas and abundant installation of water-saving equipment.
4. Good control and audit of achievements.
1.Water saving policy
  1. Set water-saving & energy-saving organization, order clear implementation projects and enhance audit and water-saving & energy-saving improvement operation as to implement resource-saving policy.
2. According to in-plant water consumption, set water-saving policies and projects, control monthly and annual cost of gas, electricity and water, draft water-saving & energy-saving project improvement plan, review executive effects and discuss future development.
3. Compile statistics of production and use consumption of gas, electricity and water and analyze unit cost of gas, electricity and water to trace the efficiency.
4. Cooperate with the government policy and reduce water consumption with water plans.
5. Promote total water-saving & energy-saving propaganda.
6. Implement periodical and preventive maintenance of equipment to ensure in-plant efficiency.

2.Improvement and benefits of water saving equipment
  1. Optimal concentration multiple of cooling tower: water reduction is controlled by optimal concentration multiple with the concentration multiple increased from 4 to 8 times. The proper drain is maintained pursuant to water quality conditions and system operating situations; the current drained reduction totals 228,000 tons / year from 2,200 tons / day to 1,160 tons / day.
2. Cooling tower drain reclaimed by RO and RO water production reclaimed to cooling tower: through film treatment of NF and RO, 60-68% of water is reclaimable; moreover, the water quality reaches de-mineralized water standards. It operates 24 hours per day with the capacity per hour at 50 tons; the daily capacity is 650 tons. Water saved by RO at 195,000 tons / year. The operation started since March 2005.
3. Boiler drain reclaimed to cooling tower: the original designed drain of boiler at 100 tons / day is drained directly to wastewater treatment plant; through water quality and temperature analysis, it is found that the temperature cooled in boiler sink at 50¢J impacting little to cooling tower with the total capacity at 12,500 tons and the water quality is better than tap water (conductivity at 150£gs/cm < tap water 400£gs/cm), so it is reclaimed to cooling tower as the supply, water saved at 30,000 tons / year.
4. RO water production reclaimed to water treatment system: RO with conductivity at 80-160£gs/cm and tap water with conductivity at 400£gs/cm; RO water is applied to water treatment supply which can reduce iron exchange resin load and extend water production cycle from 1,200 tons to 2,400 tons and reduce half frequency of backwash and regeneration, water saved at 45,000 tons / year.
5. Add controller to irrigation system for adjustment of irrigation time to reduce water consumption: the irrigation system was originally manual operation with area at 4 hectares and water consumption at 200 tons / day. After the controller added, the irrigation time is adjusted in accordance with the soil humidity which reduces water consumption at 140 tons / day with the irrigation system water reduction at 41,010 tons / year.
6. Cooling tower drain reclaimed to irrigation system for reuse: cooling tower drain is reclaimed for irrigation system as the source of irrigation system for reuse with the annual periodical soil test, water saved at 18,000 tons / year.
7. Detention pool reclaimed to irrigation system for reuse: detention pool with area at 100m¡Ñ40m=4,000m2 and valid water storage height at 0.3m; water reusable in detention pool totals 1,200 tons / year.
8. Rainwater in administrative building reclaimed and reused: roof rainwater collected to base for storage as the source for irrigation, pool, fire fighting and washing. Chiayi annual average rainfall sum totals 2,195mm with the roof area at 640m2; rainwater reclaimable is expected to be 1404.8tons / year. Base area totals 877.07 m2 with valid water storage height at 1.5m and capacity of base at 1315.6 tons / year (smaller than 1404.8 tons); rainwater reclaim in administrative building reduces water at 1315.6 tons / year.
9. Promote personnel water-saving ideas and actively implement and use water-saving devices like toilets and faucets; water-saving toilets and faucets reduce water at 360 tons /month; total reduction sums up 559,000 tons / year.
10. The secondary-term power capacity is expected to total 330,000 kilowatts with air cooling system; water expected to be saved totals 4,000 CMD of water resources under the primary-term water consumption at 1,200,000 tons / year.
11. Plan and assess reclaim and reuse of wastewater of middle and back ends in water treatment process expected to reclaim 360 tons / year and water saved at 360 tons / year.
3.Management and Promotion
  1. Distributed control system (DCS) and factory management central surveillance system (FMCS) is applied to the whole plant to immediately control water use conditions at each water use point and propose warning if any abnormality occurs.
2. Monitoring system can produce water balance chart which daily water targets can be analyzed by to help operators understand the rationality of in-plant water consumption.
3. Irregular classroom training and online teaching helps in-plant personnel absorb knowledge relating to water resources without the limitation of time and space.
4. Set maintenance management system of onsite equipment, build relevant SOP, check regularly and recertify onsite executors periodically.
5. Build e-handover system and alert management system to help personnel on duty master effectively water resources use and onsite equipment conditions.

With the voluntary water reduction, we promote actively water-saving measures; accordingly, the water consumption reduces from the approved sum at 20,000 tons / day to 15,000 tons / day. The national unprecedented employment of film treatment of cooling tower drain reclaim is actually practiced (other businesses remain in model plants for cost concerns). Since March 2005, it has been operating for 3years and seven months and still keeps operating. The average tap water reduction totals 560,000 tons / year; the expenditures saved totals NTD 6.5 million / year; the drain reduction totals 60% (150,000 tons / year); the treatment cost reduced totals NTD 600,000 / year (wastewater treatment cost is NTD 4 per ton). In addition, the reduction of chemical water treatment agents totals NTD 4.4 million / year.  



¡»ISO-9001 ISO-14001 built and certifies  
Leakage maintenance of fire fighting underground pipes
NF+RO of cooling tower drain reclaim system
Alter pipes of boiler drain reclaim
Add buffer sink for RO water production as source of pure water system
Reclaim cooling tower drain for irrigation
Stored water in detention pool for irrigation
Collect rainwater of administrative building to base for reclaim and reuse